Stamping Machine STSD

  • For hot and cold surfaces

  • Very fast stamping head

  • For billets, blooms, slabs

  • Semi-automatic / fully automatic operation

  • Many different symbols

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The alphanumeric Stamping Machines STSD are designed for the stamping of product identification codes into hot billets, blooms or slabs. They are fast and work in very short cycle times.

Markieren heißer Knüppel, Blöcke oder Brammen

Benefits Of Stamping:    

• Highest durability of marking
• No additional materials required
• For high temperatures

A Variety of Markings:

• Symbol size 3 mm to 40 mm
• Multiple lines of text are possible
• Penetration depth from 0.1 mm to 2 mm

The Stangl Technik Linear Stamping Head

Alpha-numeric marking head by Stangl Technik


• Very fast movement
• High stamping force
• Easy change of stamping symbols

High Stamping Speed

for cycle times under 10 seconds
• Robust Automatic Surface Detection / Empty Space Detection
• The stamping head will detect the position of the stamping surface autonomously

Stamping heads can be equipped with up to 16 different stamping characters. (E. g. 0 to 9, A to F).

Stamping Machines can stamp either vertical or horizontal lines, depending upon construction type.

In typical applications the stamping procedure is finished after 9 seconds between the signals "start stamping" and "cooling bed is clear".

Segmented Stamping Characters

Stamping heads for segmented characters offer an extended range of symbols - Arabic numbers, Latin and Cyrillic letters can be combined.

Digital Stamping Machine Symbols

Available characters for 7-segment stamping head / available characters for 11-segment stamping head

Different Layouts For Different Applications

Stangl Technik stamping machines, Bridge design with one carriage, stationary design, track mounted carriages

Clockwise: stationary units for operation on cooling bed / bridge design with one carriage / track mounted carriages

Video: the Stangl Technik Stamping Machine in Action

Video: the Stangl Technik Stamping Head


Stamped texts by Stangl Technik

Text stamped by Stangl Technik Stamping Machine

Operation and Control

Stangl Technik marking machine and control cabinet

Stamping Machine and control panel. The machine is easy to operate via touch panel (multilingual screens)


When a product is in marking position, the machine starts via an external signal. The text is transferred either from the central computer via the interface or can be entered manually on the main operating panel.

In addition to the stamping function the stamping head is equipped with a product detection system and an empty space detection system.

Operation Modes

The machines can be run in three different operation modes. Fully automatic, semi-automatic or test mode.