Slab And Billet Deburrer STDH

  • Burr Removal

    Burr Removal

  • Hammer Mill

    Hammer Mill

  • Descales Torch Cut Ends

    Descales Torch Cut Ends

  • Integrated Into Roller Table

    Integrated Into Roller Table

The Deburrer STDH removes burr on billets and slabs that result from torch cutting at rate of 98%. Slab speed can be up to 0.5 m/sec.

Rotary hammers, drive, electrical cabinet and control cabinet of the Stangl Technik Deburrer STDH

Working Principle Of The Deburrer

A heavy, rotating, shaft that holds an arrangement of impact hammers runs over the whole width of the roller table. This "hammer mill" is driven via a cardan shaft that connects it with the motor. That shaft can be lifted via hydraulic cylinders at both ends in order to be aligned to the slab position.

Burr removal on slabs, billets or blooms in steel production

Burr Removal Procedure

  • After the approaching hot slab is detected on the roller table, the slab enters into the deburrer at full roller table speed.
  • At this stage the hammer mill is rotating in the lifted position in order to mill off the burr on the front edge of the slab. After this working step the shaft stops its rotation and goes down under the moving slab.
  • When the rear end of the slab approaches, the operation starts again, but it rotates in the opposite direction and is lifted in order to mill off the burr on the tail edge.
  • Finally the burr remover is lowered into waiting position and the rotation stops.
  • A new working cycle starts upon the detection of the next slab.
Axonometrix Drawing of Stangl Technik Deburrer STDH

Video: Descaling of Slabs

Stangl Technik actively researches on new solutions in the field of descaling and has been granted a patent and law copyright for new developments.